Conde Nast Johansens
Conde Nast Johansens



  • 13th – Vargem Party of St. Anthony

From June 1 until the 13, the villagers partake in a special prayer known as the novena of St. Anthony in front of a bonfire that rises one meter high each year.


  • Ox car festival of the city of Santana do Garambéu
  • Jazz Festival


  • Ibitiblues: Blues Festival held every year at the village during a weekend.
  • Ibitipoca Off Road – Since 1990, the rally is held in a two day span between the cities of Juiz de For a, Lima Duarte, and Coneição do Ibitipoca. A different route is used every year.


  • Mogol’s Party
  • 14th Santa Cruz

In the past, after the completion of the procession, the Church mass was held on the Cruzeiro Mountain at an altitude of 1500m, where there is a wooden cross. To this day, the faithful pray the rosary in front of the cross while the Mass is held at the Peak of the Peon- an altitude of 1721m high.


  • 8th - Our Lady of the Conception