Conde Nast Johansens
Conde Nast Johansens


The Reserva do Ibitipoca projects go beyond just environmental protection that is already expected from a conservation area. The Reserva takes a holistic approach to the region is concerned with protecting the community, its local culture and economy as well as becoming a major center for environmental research. The Reserva’s master plan follows sustainable guidelines to guarantee that the implementation of various projects can satisfy the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is a complex, demanding process.

The environmental aspect requires maintenance, protection, recovery, and prevention. There are endangered species that need help. Their habitat needs to recreated through reforestation and reintroduction and the species needs to be continuously monitored.

The focus on the community spurs projects to encourage the inclusion of natives and residents with the park that will enrich the local culture and bring back traditions that were lost or weakened over time. One very important goal for the Reserva is to stimulate the local economy with income generation by promoting and supporting events and
various initiatives to develop the regional economy.

To meet its research goals, the Reserva can serve as an outdoor lab and is seeking professionals and academics in the area that want to study the region’s aspects. Currently, there are a number of studies underway, such as monitoring the Muriquis at the Luna Forest.